WELCOME TO Marinduque State College

Marinduque State College is committed to maintaining the highest degree of excellence in the fields of Instruction, Research, Extension and Production towards meeting customer satisfaction by adhering to globally-adopted quality standards. Thus its slogan: SERVING BEYOND EXCELLENCE.


Program Thrust:


Improve teaching quality through expanded human resource development programs, improved facilities, and the development of modules and laboratory manuals. ICT integrated graduate education should focus on the curriculum and distance education models offered by the college.

Student services must be strengthened.


Research programmes / activities focusing on local resources must be strengthened in both basic and applied areas.

Publish research results in local, national and international journals / magazines, etc.

Strengthen the role / participation of the college by joining different organizations / clubs.

Strengthen / encourage academy's research by rewarding researchers with the premise that the research has economic value.

Find funding sources to support faculty research programs and bring corresponding benefits to researchers.


Expand the college's strong curriculum into a showcase for the community.

Implement cooperative production plans in the province through LGU to generate income and provide employment.

Extending the college's plan to LGU, it will focus on empowering citizens.


Commercially producing a unique research product using locally available and sustainable raw materials that is clearly identifiable to MSC.

Venture wisely on revenue-generating projects to increase college income (such as low-cost animal feed).

Marine aquaculture and inland fish and shrimp farming are included as income-generating projects of the Academy.

Commercialization of research results.

The Faculty of Agriculture teaches not only raw agricultural products, but also processed agricultural products to significantly increase the value of the final product.


Establish conflict management mechanisms.

Strengthen administrative services, including the development of computer systems for records management, financial management, and the establishment of databases for all aspects of the college's operations.

Establish student registration information system (SRIS) and human resource management information system (HRMIS).

Strengthen linkages and networking in various ways to support institutional development.

Strengthen incentive policies, including promotion programs and incentives.

Campus development plans must be in place, which should include renovation of classrooms and buildings, communication lines for road networks, etc.-to support academics, research and expansion.

Comply with simplified but effective and responsive administrative and financial management systems.

Strengthen the Special Programs and Projects Office as a support system for the administration in implementing new plans and projects, particularly in establishing contacts and raising funds for the college.